Fischoff National Chamber Music Association

The Fischoff National Chamber Music Association sponsors the nation's largest chamber music competition. The Fischoff distinguishes itself from all other music competitions by remaining true to its core mission: to encourage and educate young musicians in the discipline and expression of chamber music. Committed to music education, Fischoff partners with its distinguished Competition alumni to deliver free, innovative music programs to Michiana's children and youth. Programs are presented in schools, community centers, and after school programs. Fischoff's programs give local students first-hand, close-up, personal experiences with some of the finest chamber musicians in the world.

Learn about the many instruments that play chamber music from Kids Just like you!  

(Best for grades 2-5)

Join the 2021 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition winners on their Double Gold Tour

(Best for grades 6-12)


Fischoff's Peer Ambassadors come from all over the country.

Meet some of our Mystery Musicians!

(Best for grades 2-5)