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What is Peer Ambassadors for Chamber Music (PACMan)?



The Peer Ambassadors for Chamber Music (PACMan) program usually takes place on the Friday of the Fischoff Competition weekend. This education outreach involves our youngest competitors from the Junior Division (18 years of age and under.)


Each year, carefully chosen junior ensembles are invited into area classrooms to present informal performance-workshops for second and third graders. The program's purpose is to present to little learners a friendly and "real" introduction to chamber music. Since Fischoff junior division competitors are also in school, they make perfect peer-role models for elementary school children who look up to and identify with older students. The performance level of Fischoff Junior Division ensembles creates an excitement that is a powerful mentoring tool for encouraging younger children to pursue music and to consider joining their own school or community band and orchestra programs.


In 2020, with the coronavirus outbreak, Fischoff was disappointed that our live competition in South Bend has been cancelled due to the CDC recommendations for social distancing. However, a new format of the competition will still occur, albeit virtually. We will be using each ensemble’s video audition to award $39,000 worth of prizes along with concert

opportunities to our winners. Winners will be shared online virtually in early May. In light of the nation’s school closings, we thought we’d put together an online experience to connect you with our talented, young musicians who have advanced to the quarterfinal round for this year’s competition.

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