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Stellar Activities!

Listen to some of the songs WindSync will be playing for you in person
Interstellar Cinderella Retelling
Draw what happened to Interstellar Cinderella First, Next, Then & Last
Compound Words Activity
Find compound words in Interstellar Cinderella.
Create Your Own Story
Brainstorm the main elements of  your own version of Cinderella
Active Listening Activity
Listen to music, write what it makes you think of, and then draw your story!
What Happens Next? 
Think about what might happen after the story ends. Draw a picture and then write about it. An inferring activity
You Are the Star
What if a fairy godrobot visited you? What would you ask for?
Old Story, New Story
How did author Deborah Underwood adapt Cinderella? Test your matching ability between the old and new stories.
Read Aloud - Think Aloud
Questions to help guide connections before, during, and after a read aloud session
Compare & Contrast 
Use this Venn diagram to compare Interstellar Cinderella to Disney's original Cinderella
Character & Instrument Match  
Can you match the characters from Interstellar Cinderella to the members of WindSync?
Word Search
Find some of the great space words used in Interstellar Cinderella.
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