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Creepy Activities!

Listen to Thalea's full playlist of music
Active Listening Activity.
Listen to music, write what it makes you think off, and then draw your story!
Read Aloud - Think Aloud
Questions to help guide connections before, during, and after a read aloud session
Rabbit Report!
Write words to describe Jasper Rabbit
Creepy Carrots Retelling
Draw what happened to Jasper Rabbit. First, Next, Then, Last
Cause and Effect
Making connections between causes and effects throughout the story
Real or Imagined?
Making connections between what Jasper thought he saw and what was really there
What Happens Next?
Think about what might happen after the story ends. Draw a picture and then write about it. An inferring activity
What's Creepy to Me?
Writing and drawing activity about what the students find creepy in their own lives. Social-emotional learning activity
What Were They Thinking?
Writing prompt about what Jasper and the carrots were thinking at the end of the story. An inferring activity
Writing Prompt:
Jasper Rabbit built a fence around Crackenhopper field. How would you stop the Creepy Carrots?
Make Your Own Creepy Carrot Bookmark:
Arts & Crafts activity from the St. Joseph County Public Library
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